Build 5565 (March 27th, 2015)Edit

  • Fixed UTF-8 check (automatically convert non-UTF-8 files to UTF-8)
  • Fixed Italian town names
  • Fixed message box display on Mac

Build 5552 (March 26th, 2015)Edit

  • Added UTF-8 check for resource files
  • Added achievements-not-earnable note to the in-game achievements list
  • Fixed a street builder crash (occurred when towns built streets at the same location)
  • Fixed no costs mod (didn’t work when balance was negative)
  • Fixed a vehicle auto replace bug (didn’t work when balance was very low)

Build 5541 (March 25th, 2015)Edit

  • Added vanilla mod: No main connections
  • Added vanilla mod: No costs
  • Added vanilla mod: Vehicles: No end year
  • Added town name selector (e.g. American names for the USA DLC)
  • Added debug mode (enable in the settings file, ALTGR+L: display lanes, ALTGR-G: disable GUI)
  • Added more buildings in the late game
  • Added achievement-not-earnable note when using mods
  • Fixed loading of mods when they contain special characters (e.g. German umlauts)
  • Fixed black terrain bug which occurred on some AMD cards
  • Fixed huge memory usage bug when removing stations
  • Fixed a street builder crash which occurred very rarely when building a crossing
  • Fixed a crash which occurred very rarely when assigning a line to a vehicle
  • Fixed a car pathfinding bug which caused some cars to visit neighbor towns to turnaround
  • Fixed percent value display in vehicle details window for zero-running-costs case
  • Improved mod capabilities: Main connection control
  • Improved mod capabilities: Environment map control
  • Improved mod capabilities: Demolition costs control
  • Improved performance: Build tools
  • Improved performance: GUI rendering
  • Improved Russian translation


  • Added American environment map
  • Added more American buildings in the late game
  • Added level of detail models for several vehicles
  • Fixed large stake car loading visualization

Build 5442 (March 3th, 2015)Edit

  • Added configurable units for speed, power, weight and force
  • Added support for deprecated mods (existing mods without an “info.lua” file)
  • Fixed main menu mod list (scrollable now)
  • Fixed mod display in load game menu (displayed list of active mods was not correct)


  • Fixed Mikado locomotive availability
  • Fixed a bug which caused all buildings to appear when choosing American buildings only
  • Fixed American trees (some European trees were still used along streets or in parks)
  • Fixed Peterbilt truck name (was American truck before)
  • Fixed main menu background images (display USA background images when starting a USA game)
  • Improved sky box (sun was not at the correct position and fixed artifacts)
  • Improved USA buildings (removed German commercials etc.)

Build 5399 (February 27th, 2015) Edit

  • Added new mod system (in-game mod support):
  • _Mods can now be activated when starting a new game
  • _Save games remember activated mods
  • _Mods can also be added to and removed from existing save games
  • _Mod localization support
  • _Mods can create content lists to be selected in the new game advanced settings
  • _Achievements are no longer earnable when mods are active
  • _Script mod support:
  • __Game resource like vehicles, bridges, buildings etc. can be modified at run-time
  • __Game configuration like costs, cargo types, terrain etc. can be modified at run-time
  • Added advanced settings to main menu (mods and content selection)
  • Added cargo load animations for trucks
  • Added credits screen to main menu
  • Added line/word wrap
  • Improved new game dialog (remember last settings)
  • Improved load game dialog (show save game info)
  • Improved / updated all translations
  • Improved level of detail handling of streets


  • Release version, including
  • American vehicles (more than 50)
  • American terrain
  • American trees
  • American buildings (wild-west style)
  • American streets (old wild-west dirt roads)
  • American skybox
  • American main menu background images

Build 5112 (February 4th, 2015) Edit

  • Fixed / reduced freezes at the end of each month
  • Fixed a bug which caused people to “lose” their cars at the destination building
  • Fixed a main street connection bug which caused a crash
  • Fixed a terrain bug which caused the terrain to rise to “infinity”
  • Improved street crossing bulldozer performance
  • Improved save game loading time
  • Improved general performance

Build 5080 (January 31st, 2015) Edit

  • Fixed another main connection bug
  • Fixed a crash occurring at the end of a month

Build 5068 (January 30th, 2015) Edit

  • Improved general performance (pathfinding is now computed in a separate thread)
  • Improved “end-of-month” performance (that is e.g. when towns construct new buildings)
  • Improved open door animation (doors open at the platform side only)
  • Improved camera (doesn’t go below the ground anymore)
  • Improved sound effects (more concurrent sources possible now)
  • Improved vehicle store description text (auto wrap)
  • Improved street names
  • Improved Norwegian translation
  • Fixed street main connection bug (streets were not removable even when having a bypass)
  • Fixed sound Doppler effect (was not correct when camera was moving)
  • Fixed a track builder crash which occurred rarely when building a switch
  • Fixed a crash which occurred rarely when a town built new streets
  • Fixed TGV wagon vehicle configuration
  • Fixed Lua script security issues (undefined os.remove etc.)
  • Added auto save interval setting to main menu
  • Added street speed limit to street menu GUI text
  • Added Spanish translation
  • Added Korean translation

Build 4831 (December 17th, 2014) Edit

  • Added Norwegian translation
  • Added 25% option to vehicle auto replace function
  • Fixed a crash which occurred during world generation
  • Fixed a crash which occurred randomly when generating a new game world
  • Fixed a vehicle list crash (occurred when there are vehicles but no lines yet)
  • Fixed a random street builder tool crash

Build 4820 (December 16th, 2014) Edit

  • Added vehicle auto replace function
  • Added train depot open and close doors animations
  • Added Steam guides to main menu and to welcome window
  • Added advanced car traffic simulation (cars now “see” the current street speed and traffic jams)
  • Added town AI which prevents the player from bulldozing major street connections
  • Improved loading speed of vehicles (dependent on number of doors now)
  • Improved construction tools (colliding obstacles are now highlighted)
  • Improved track builder usability
  • Improved street builder usability
  • Improved verification of model files (animation and event names are now verified)
  • Improved industry selection sound effect metadata (effects are now stored in model file)
  • Improved vehicle balancing (lowered TFV price and running costs)
  • Improved people and car consistency when modifying streets
  • Improved bus and tram stations (more space for passengers now)
  • Fixed cannot-delete-railway-track-bug
  • Fixed several track builder bugs
  • Fixed several street builder bugs
  • Fixed people selection when waiting at stations
  • Fixed achievement unlocking (unlock only if save game user id matches current user id)
  • Fixed several minor issues

Build 4688 (November 27th, 2014) Edit

  • Added realistic railroad crossings (cars and people stop at the signal / barrier)
  • Added stake train cars for wood freight
  • Added Polish translation
  • Added Czech translation
  • Added idle animations for signals (to be applied/used by modders)
  • Added discrete train car load visualization
  • Fixed crashes / freezes on Intel HD 4200 / 4400 / 4600 graphics cards
  • Fixed a bug which caused some textures to be rendered incorrectly on Intel HD graphics cards
  • Fixed a crash which appeared when using certain freight station mods
  • Fixed a bug which caused street lamps and trees to appear on railroad crossings
  • Fixed visibility distance of modern large country street railings
  • Fixed a bug which caused a train not to stop at the first stop of a line after leaving the depot
  • Fixed track bulldozer
  • Improved rendering of railroad bridges
  • Improved sorting of line manager depot list (sorted by name now)
  • Improved names of depots
  • Improved Russian translation

Build 4625 (November 12th, 2014) Edit

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a line was assigned to a vehicle

Build 4619 (November 12th, 2014) Edit

  • Added waypoint feature
  • Added a new bus (MAN SL 192)
  • Improved traffic simulation (less jams)
  • Improved modding support for custom signals and waypoints
  • Removed dependency on OpenGL extension GL_ARB_timer_query

Build 4587 (October 31st, 2014) Edit

  • Fixed train signal lights rendering (when anti-aliasing is disabled)
  • Fixed bus lanes rendering (when anti-aliasing is disabled)
  • Fixed a music player crash
  • Fixed a crash which occurred when an industry was not able to send a cargo item to its destination (because a street was removed just


  • Fixed line manager multi delete click bug
  • Fixed a crash which occurred when bulldozing bus or train stations
  • Fixed 100% achievement unlock problem (removed special achievement so that all players can reach 100% now)
  • Fixed a random crash on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite
  • Fixed a selection rendering crash on AMD Radeon 3xxx/4xxx graphics cards
  • Fixed a bug on Intel graphics cards which caused the sky to be rendered in black
  • Fixed a bug on Intel graphics cards which caused the scene to be rendered completely in fog
  • Fixed several random crashes on Intel graphics cards with old drivers
  • Improved Lua script robustness (important for modding, script files get verified now)
  • Improved Lua script syntax error handling (important for modding , message boxes are displayed)
  • Improved Lua script semantic error handling (important for modding , message boxes are displayed)
  • Improved run-time modding error handling (important for modding , message boxes are displayed)
  • Improved selection rendering performance on Mac OS X
  • Improved sky box textures
  • Added level of detail models for building cranes
  • Added level of detail models for vehicles (MAN 19.304, 40 Tons Truck, Mercedes-Benz O 6600, Aboag, Volvo 5000, Saurer Tüscher)
  • Added 4K resolution to main menu graphic settings
  • Added Italian translation

Build 4519 (October 17th, 2014) Edit

  • Optimized navigation performance (the game runs more fluently when changing the camera)
  • Optimized rendering performance (the game runs more fluently in general)
  • Optimized simulation performance (there are less and shorter freezes / lags due to simulation tasks like town growth)
  • Optimized line manager performance (the game runs fast now also when the line manager window is open)
  • Optimized track builder performance (eliminated a freeze after constructing tracks)
  • Optimized fog and far plane
  • Optimized storage size of large truck cargo station (more storage size now)
  • Optimized user interface date format
  • Optimized mouse cursor
  • Added signal animation (animate old signals and show red / green for modern signals)
  • Added load game progress bar
  • Added several level of detail models for vehicles
  • Added support for Windows XP 64 Bit
  • Fixed land use layer z-fighting
  • Fixer buildings level of detail when zoomed in (detailed facades are now shown consistently)
  • Fixed a crash which occurred in rare cases when cargo items did not find their destination
  • Fixed music player (store current song title / position in save game)
  • Fixed pause state (store pause state in save game)
  • Fixed a track builder bug (it was not possible to build parallel tracks in some cases)
  • Fixed vehicle loading time (loading time was sometimes calculated incorrectly)
  • Fixed a bug where cargo items disappeared at stations
  • Fixed a train station bug (paths of arriving people were not correct)
  • Fixed train station last platform model

Build 4414 (October 5th, 2014) Edit

  • Added high-speed track upgrade tool
  • Added Dutch translation
  • Improved save game robustness
  • Improved texture loading robustness
  • Improved crash dump robustness
  • Improved vehicle store (description is below specs now)
  • Improved train station builder (train station “replacement” works better now)

Build 4334 (September 18th, 2014)Edit

  • Added a button to delete savegames
  • Added mouse wheel sensitivity setting
  • Added camera key bindings: tilt with <r> and <f>, zoom with <y/z> and <x>
  • Added emulation for middle and right mouse button: <ctrl> + left => middle, <alt> + left => right
  • Improved compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7
  • Improved screen resolution switching
  • Fixed a crash while building level crossings
  • Fixed a texture loading crash
  • Fixed a crash caused by excess files sitting in folders (“.DS_Store” etc.)
  • Fixed visibility problem of resolution list in main menu (wasn’t visible on small screens)
  • Fixed sound of modern open wagons

Build 4260 (September 11th, 2014)Edit

  • Initial Mac and Linux release

Build 4246 (September 10th, 2014)Edit

  • Fixed two GLSL shader bugs which caused crashes on systems with very old graphics card drivers
  • Fixed a GLSL shader bug which caused crashes on systems with Intel graphics cards
  • Fixed a bug which caused an immediate crash when starting the game on systems without an active sound playback device
  • Fixed a crash which was caused by an invalid texture compression cache (as a consequence of killing the application during texture compression at first launch)
  • Fixed Penny Pincher achievement (did not unlock when the initial debt was paid back)

Build 4234 (September 6th, 2014)Edit

  • Fixed a texture compression bug which caused very long loading times and freezes when using any build tool for the first time (was present on certain systems with ATI graphics cards)
  • Improved crash dump information feedback (if you don’t disable it, crash dumps are sent automatically to us, without any personal data of course, and thanks to this improvement we will be able to solve crashes and performance issues much better in the next days)

Build 4221 (September 4th, 2014)Edit

  • Fixed a bug which allowed the camera to go underwater
  • Fixed train top speed achievements (were not unlocked before)
  • Fixed sky box bottom texture
  • Improved welcome window
  • Improved German und Hungarian translations

Build 4215 (September 4th, 2014)Edit

  • Release version