Lines are a major feature of Train Fever and are necessary to establish transport connections.

The line creation and editing tool is accessed from the line list. A new line will be given a name and a color. The name will be "Line x" where x is the next available number starting at 1. Lines can be renamed and can have duplicate names. The color of the line cannot be changed.

Once you add one or more stations to a line, a route will be drawn between in the color of the line. The route will also indicate the direction a vehicle will travel. If a route cannot be found it will not be drawn and any vehicle assigned to that line will have the status "cannot find path". As you assign stations you may also assign more specific instructions regarding waiting times and loading.

Line Mechanics Edit

When a vehicle is assigned to a line, it will proceed to travel from one station to the next starting with the first listed station and continuing to the last and repeating. If there are multiple vehicles assigned to a single line they will linger at stations to evenly spread out their arrival times. This behaviour can be counteracted by signals.

Train quirks Edit

Currently, dynamic path finding for trains is not a feature in the game. This means that trains will strictly follow the route they are assigned to, and if one train decides to go in the wrong direction, the whole line will most likely come to a standstill. This is why correct placement of signals is very important.

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