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Created by the very talented Urban Games, Train Fever is a game all about trains, trucks, trams, and everything in between. It can be considered as the long-awaited successor to the very famous Transport Tycoon created by Chris Sawyer in 1994, one of the most advanced transport simulation games.

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Latest patch - Build 5112 (September 3rd & 15th, 2015)

  • Added diamond crossover (build over existing crossovers)
  • Added user interface windows blink / focus functionality
  • Added create line button to line chooser (as a shortcut for line creation)
  • Added vehicle cargo load refit feature (vehicles can be refit on purchase and in depots)
  • Added “forever” animation (a loop animation which can be added to every model)
  • Added open-vehicle-window-on-purchase setting to main menu
  • Added “maxIndustryProduction” parameter to game config (base_config.lua)
  • Added “townGrowthFactor” variable to game config
  • Added “townSizeFactor” variable to game config world
  • Added “Not possible, please build track over street” street builder warning
  • Added alternative “items” format to specify vehicle load levels (see rungenwagen_1890.mdl)
  • Added padding around window title bar buttons (locate/edit/close) to make better clickable
  • Added “blend” flag to material AlphaTest
  • Improved vehicle navigation (instant vehicle reverse, go to depot and set line)
  • Improved general window positioning (heuristic to avoid overlapping windows)
  • Improved terrain modify tool (render circle)
  • Improved electrification/high-speed tools (draw existing tracks red/green, ignore vehicles)
  • Improved depot user interface (icons instead of text buttons, disabled set line when empty)
  • Improved vehicle store (added filters, open a window for the first purchased vehicle only)
  • Improved user interface window alignment (avoid jumping buttons etc.)
  • Improved parallel track construction (better following and loss collisions now)
  • Improved track builder bridge/water detection
  • Improved line pathfinding (allow empty stations)
  • Improved model file error handling (print missing model files list on load to stdout.txt)
  • Improved new-vehicle-available notification (show only one message for multiple vehicles)
  • Fixed ghost vehicle bug (reversing stopped vehicles made them invisible)
  • Fixed a track builder bug (allow connecting to the “back end” of a switch or crossover)
  • Fixed track builder slope-too-high problems
  • Fixed various additional track builder bugs
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the player from building long tunnels / bridges
  • Fixed a crash which occurred when mods defined narrow transport lanes
  • Fixed street materials: made paving/sidewalk reflective (was transparent) and with alpha test
  • Fixed steam tram engine type (dampftram.mdl)
  • Fixed vehicle store “year to” calculation for multiple units
  • Fixed vehicle list/store display of reversed vehicles in multiple units
  • Fixed missing cargo load icons in line vehicle auto replacement tab
  • Fixed crash caused by mods which added stations without lanes for persons
  • Fixed stake car invalid mesh transformation (stake_car_1952.mdl)
  • Fixed main menu hover sound effects
  • Fixed misaligned rods / linkage animation
  • Fixed bug causing the game to not recognizing alternative main connection routes
  • Added new way to specify vehicle load configurations (multiple cargo types)
  • Improved Norwegian translation

Full list of changes can be found on the changelog page.


All credit goes to reddit user Nenjo

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